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May 07 2019

7. CIO Interview: John Sullivan, Virgin Trains

In this episode Pasi goes and meets John Sullivan, CIO and Project Director at Virgin Trains. We talk about importance of employee and customer experience to the business, how traditional KPIs do not matter and how.

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May 06 2019

6. IT Support Profiles

In HappySignals measurement tool, we define employee into four different behavioural profiles. In this episode we explain those profiles and what drives different types of people in your organisation. You can download.

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May 04 2019

5. Transparency with Experience Data

In this episode we discuss with Sami on why it's important to have transparency inside the enterprise with experience data. Having the data available to all stakeholders, partners and colleagues is crucial. This creates.

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May 02 2019

4. Happiness Score™ in April 2019

Happiness Score™ is an ITSM Benchmark we gather from our customers' data. It's anonymized and updated daily and the numbers we who are from the past 6 months. In this episode we go through the numbers as they stand in.

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May 01 2019

3. When to start measuring Employee Experience

In this episode we talk about when is the right time to start measure, what are the fears related to measurement and why starting as soon as possible is the best thing you can do.

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April 29 2019

2. Motivation of Service Desk Agents

How to use employee experience measurement as motivation for Service Desk teams and agents. How seeing the positive will increase their job satisfaction and showing the negative will allow agents to learn from their.

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April 25 2019

1. Employee Experience in ITSM

In this episode Pasi & Sami talk about Employee Experience in ITSM and how HappySignals got started. Why is there a watermelon on the table? What are the main two points to start with? Watch the show or listen the.

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