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June 18 2019

11. Region Midtjylland, Providing Experience for Hospitals

At this year's Happy User Group (HUG) 2019, Pasi had learned how Jesper Hansen's team in Denmark learns and improves their end-users experience with HappySignals experience data. Region Midtjylland provides Service Desk.

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June 17 2019

At Virgin Trains, Happiness is All That Matters

John Sullivan, CIO and Project Director at Virgin Trains is passionate about happiness. 

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June 03 2019

9. Happiest Enterprise 2019 - Finnish Postal Company, Riikka Salonen

In this episode Pasi Nikkanen had an interview with Riikka Salonen , Service Support Lead at Posti, the Finnish Postal Company. It was recorded during Happy User Group in Helsinki on May 23rd. Based on HappySignals'.

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May 07 2019

7. CIO Interview: John Sullivan, Virgin Trains

In this episode Pasi goes and meets John Sullivan, CIO and Project Director at Virgin Trains. We talk about importance of employee and customer experience to the business, how traditional KPIs do not matter and how.

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