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February 12 2019

The Real Cost of Reassigning IT Service Desk Tickets

The IT service management (ITSM) and IT support communities are quite rightly increasingly focused on employee or customer experience. More and more companies are focused on IT strategies and targeted improvements that.

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January 29 2019

What is the total cost of a ticket in your Service Desk?

What is the difference between an incident and a ticket? On the surface, this feels like an odd question and not one you would usually hear around the IT table. 

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June 18 2018

The effect of SLA's on ITSM and Service Experience. We call it the Water melon effect.

What do you think about the value, and appropriateness, of IT service desk service level agreements (SLAs)? Are you still heavily reliant on traditional SLAs for understanding your service desk’s performance? 

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October 04 2017

Employee Experience vs Customer Satisfaction: Why you need to know the difference

For many years, businesses have agonised over understanding and improving customer satisfaction. From ‘putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes’ to sending out 10 page annual surveys, it sometimes feels like we have.

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June 30 2017

Tips to get started on your journey to Employee Experience excellence

We know employee and customer experience is important to you, we hear customers and friends tell us about their huge invested interested in providing better experience all the time.

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December 03 2014

Employee-driven Enterprise

In 2013 we started HappySignals to bring solutions to a very important and rising topic in the consumerization of Enterprise IT and the Happiness of IT department’s customers, the Employees. We all at HappySignals have.

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