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August 12 2019

17.  Step by Step Guide to Empowering Employee Experience with Oscar Berg

Swedish Speaker, Facilitator and Author Oscar Berg speaks about his book Digital WorkPlace, a step by step on Employee Experience.

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July 31 2019

16. Make your Automation Case with Experience Data

Are you planning an Automation / AI initiative or thinking about Robotic Process Automation (RPA)? Listen to this episode to learn how employee experience data can help you find the right focus and prove the value it.

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July 23 2019

Why the best time to start measuring is now

Organizations put off measuring experience for any number of reasons, stating for example that the time is not right, or their customers aren’t ready. HappySignals’ Pasi Nikkanen and Sami Kallio have a clear message to.

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July 22 2019

15. Empathic Building, The Future of Office Work with Tomi Teikko

Pasi met with Tomi Teikko, Founder and Soul of Tieto Empathic Building. Tomi shares his vision of empathic reality, where employee experience is taken to the next level, it's not about pretty interior designs, but how.

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July 10 2019

14.  How do you make a business case for employee experience measurement?

How do you create a business case for employee experience measurement? We’ll talk about employee experience and some reports and research we found on the significance of it to the company’s business and profits. Also.

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July 08 2019

13. How does Service Management fit into Employee Experience Equation?

Jacob Morgan, author of The Employee Experience Advantage, joins me for a chat about employee experience equation and how does service management fit into it. We talk about the rise of employee experience, what does.

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July 08 2019

Service Alert: Support portals are wasting employees worktime

During the last 6 months we have collected feedback from over 330.000 employees about their service experience with IT support services. We asked employees to rate the service experience, but even more importantly we.

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June 26 2019

12. Top ITSM Trends to Watch in 2019 by

Pasi gives his take on a recent article on Top Service Management Trends to Watch in 2019. Let's give a hint, Employee Experience is related! This episode is part of our Industry Insight series, where we.

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June 18 2019

11. Region Midtjylland, Providing Experience for Hospitals

At this year's Happy User Group (HUG) 2019, Pasi had learned how Jesper Hansen's team in Denmark learns and improves their end-users experience with HappySignals experience data. Region Midtjylland provides Service Desk.

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June 17 2019

At Virgin Trains, Happiness is All That Matters

John Sullivan, CIO and Project Director at Virgin Trains is passionate about happiness. 

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